A Smile of Good Fortune

A review of A Smile of Good Fortune by Rob Mason

A smile of good fortune concerns a young ship's captain who has made a passage to a Pacific Island to pick up a cargo of sugar cane. When the captain arrives at the Island he accepts an invitation to visit the home of a ship-chandler whom he may have some business with.  However when he arrives at the home he meets the attractive daughter of the host, Alice, whom he feels drawn to.  The captain describes it this way: "How weak, irrational and absurd we are! How easily carried away whenever our awakened imagination brings us the irritating hint of desire! I cared for the girl in a particular way, seduced by the moody expression of her face, by her obstinate silences, her rare, scornful words; by the perpetual pout of her closed lips, the black depths of her fixed gaze turned slowly upon me as if in contemptuous provocation, only to be averted next moment with an exasperating indifference."