Reviews from 11/2014

The Music of the Primes

reviewed by Rob Mason on 29 November 2014

Regardless of your background, if you have any curiosity about what the world of mathematics is really about (as opposed to how it seemed at school), this DVD may be the introduction for you. Some of the maths are difficult but the history and storytelling paints a convincing (and appealing) picture of the world of professional mathematics. The film which is introduced by Marcus du Sautoy, includes details of the  Riemann hypothesis which implies results about the distribution of prime numbers.

A prime number (or a prime) is a natural number…Read

The Mystery of Happiness

reviewed by Rob Mason on 15 November 2014

The Mystery of Happiness a new film by Argentine film director Daniel Burman that attempts to elucidate that enjoyable and mysterious feeling called happiness. The film features Inés Estévez: Argentine glamour star of the ‘90s, who makes a big-screen comeback playing a lead role in the film and Guillermo Francella an Argentine actor and comedian. In the movie, Santiago (Guillermo Francella) and Eugene (Fabián Arenillas) are portrayed as long-time business partners who operate an electronics store. Their interrelationship underlies the whole story in many ways; Eugene is portrayed as the stronger of…Read

New Grub Street

Book reviewed by Rob Mason on 8 November 2014

Pierre Coustillas has devoted himself to Gissing for more than half a century and concluded that George Gissing’s “life and professional career had been heroic. A scrupulous, original artist who cared more for the quality and sincerity of his work than for the demands of the public 

“New Grub Street is by general consent his masterpiece, in this novel he was writing about a world he knew thoroughly, and in which he had suffered. There is a painful bitterness in the book, yet it is fair even to the characters who, unlike…Read