Reviews from 01/2015

A Little History of Science

Book reviewed by Rob Mason on 31 January 2015

This book consists of 40 short chapters (around 6 pages each) taking us from the beginnings of science to the present time. The first chapter entitled In the Beginning opens with the following words: "Science is special. It's the best way we have of finding out about the world and everything in it - and that includes us." The book is written by: William Bynum, professor emeritus in the history of medicine at the University College London.

Bynum shows how science, philosophy and religion often went together in the past.…Read

Science Matters

Book reviewed by Karla D. Passalacqua on 26 January 2015

One of my favorite undergraduate microbiology teachers used to remind us that the study of biology was important because “we are all biological citizens in a biological world.” Authors James Trefil and Robert Hazen would probably modify that statement, and say that studying science is important because “we are all physical citizens in a physical universe.” In the book Science Matters, the authors undertake the grand task of conveying “Science,” with a capital “S,” from atoms to ecosystems and from the scientific method to the very latest advances in…Read