Reviews from 06/2015

Genetics of the Evolutionary Process

Book reviewed by Rob Mason on 5 June 2015

Theodosius Dobzhansky, was a Russian geneticist who moved to the United States and provided laboratory evidence for natural selection and variation where previously there had been only field observation. In his book: Genetics of the Evolutionary Process he begins chapter 1 by by stating that a man consists of seven octillion ( the number represented as one followed by 27 zeros) atoms grouped in about ten trillion cells, he then goes on to ask the question, how can an agglomeration of atoms experience a feeling of life, joy, suffering and discriminate between beauty and ugliness.…Read

Nature of Life

Book reviewed by Rob Mason on 3 June 2015

Conrad Hal Waddington was born in Evesham on 8 November 1905 to Hal and Mary Ellen (Warner) Waddington. He spent his first few years on a tea estate in South India, where his father was a tea planter. He was educated at Clifton College, a coeducational public school in Bristol, England, and at the University of Cambridge. The 1971 Gifford Lectures given at the University of Edinburgh by C. H. Waddington, A. J. P. Kenny, H. C. Longuet-Higgins and J. R. Lucas resulted in two books: The Nature of Mind (1972) and The Development of Mind (1973)  

Chance (the occurrence of…Read