Reviews from 08/2015

The Spirit of ‘45

film reviewed by Rob Mason on 29 August 2015

With the likelihood of popular, left-wing Labour Party leader: Jeremy Corbyn being elected in the UK. this impassioned documentary by Ken Loach: The Spirit of '45 should be re-visited. It celebrates the Labour landslide at the 1945 general election led by Clement Attlee and the resolve never to return again to the miserable conditions that the working class endured in the 1930s

Following this strong result at the polls, The Labour Government decided to implement the Beveridge Report. William Beveridge was an economist and provided a comprehensive "cradle-to-grave" welfare…Read

What is Relativity

Book reviewed by Rob Mason on 18 August 2015

Einstein Centenary

Very few people know what the theory of relativity is all about, and a common myth holds that the theory is too esoteric or difficult for the average person to understand. What is relativity? will shatter the myth, proving that anyone can understand the basics of Einstein’s ideas. Bennett’s intuitive, non-mathematical approach will give a large audience of readers their first real understanding of how relativity works and why it is so important not only to science and scientists, but to the way all of us view ourselves as…Read