Reviews from 05/2016

Russell on Metaphysics

Book reviewed by Rob Mason on 29 May 2016

Metaphysics aims to uncover the fundamental nature of reality beyond appearance. It studies the world but not anything about it that can be observed.  It follows from this that the questions of metaphysics cannot be settled empirically by looking for observable eveidence, but must be solved using philosophical methods of analysis, reason and argument.


The Wind Journeys

film reviewed by Rob Mason on 8 May 2016

'To have is to lose.'

Every now and then a film comes along that produces a most enjoyable response.  The Wind Journeys is such a film, directed by Ciro Guerra (117 minutes)   Below is a short review of the film by Ian Craig

Boy meets man on donkey. Boy follows man on odyssey to return to owner the accordion that’s been the lifelong instrument of his fame. Man refuses to teach boy to play accordion. This disarmingly simple plot forms the basis of Ciro Guerra’s second film, set…Read