Reviews from 03/2017


Music reviewed by Rob Mason on 21 March 2017

Filmed at his home, in Greece, Yehudi Menuhin tells the story of his life, which is the musical history of the century.

To leaf through Yehudi Menuhin's photo album is to cover the musical history of an entire century. He tells us about his life, "commenting" about himself based on the documents we show him: the departure from Israel for the United States, his birth in 1916, his dear pianist sister Hephzibah, his teachers Louis Persinger (first violin of the San Francisco Orchestra) then Georges Enesco and Adolf Busch, the first time he played with the…Read


film reviewed by Rob Mason on 13 March 2017

The story of Django Reinhardt, famous guitarist and composer, and his flight from German-occupied Paris in 1943.

Director: Etienne Comar

Django Reinhardt documentary



The End of Discovery

Book reviewed by Rob Mason on 7 March 2017

We have been born into a world where science progresses.

It is generally thought that science, by its very nature, must always progress. But this is not so. One day, fundamental science will come to an end. Not when we have discovered everything, but when we have discovered whatever is open to us to understand - which is not the same thing. Limitations as to what the human brain can comprehend, together with practical considerations to do with the need for ever more elaborate and expensive equipment, are likely to ensure that our knowledge will remain for…Read


film reviewed by Rob Mason on 2 March 2017

Moonlight is a serious film about a boy (Chiron) aged 10 who lives with his mother on a Miami housing project.  The film reveals how other boys at his school tend to influence the identity of Chiron by bullying him.  He displays a shy demeanour and does not mix well.  However, he is befriended by Juan (Mahershala Ali) the local drug dealer who acts as a father figure to Chiron.  He teaches him to swim and improve his posture when sitting in a chair.  The underlying reason for his lack of integration with other boys…Read