Reviews from 07/2017

Hidden Attraction

Book reviewed by Rob Mason on 31 July 2017

When primitive human beings attempted to account for mysterious natural phenomena, their initial explanations could only be invented, usually through liberal applications of fantasy and imagination.  There was no way to come up with an answer, at least not until the invention of clever measuring devices extended human senses.


The Gay Science

Bookfilm reviewed by Rob Mason on 25 July 2017

 The things people call love

 -- Avarice and Love-- what different feelings these two terms evoke! Nevertheless, it could be the same instinct that has two names-- once depreciated by those who have, in whom the instinct has calmed down to some extent, and who are afraid for their “possessions,” and the other time seen from the point of view of those who are not satisfied but still thirsty and who therefore glorify the instinct as “good.” The love of our neighbour--is not a lust for new possessions?  And likewise,…Read

The Strangest Man

Book reviewed by Rob Mason on 3 July 2017

Paul Dirac is an enigma. Unquestionably the greatest British theoretical physicist of this century, a Nobel Laureate at the age of 31, he ranks alongside Newton and Maxwell.

In 2009, Graham Farmelo published ‘The Strangest Man’, which won the 2009 Costa Prize for Biography and the 2009 'Los Angeles Times Science and Technology Book Prize'. The book was chosen by Physics World as the physics book of the year in 2009, when it was selected as one of Nature’s books of the year.

"I found the best ideas usually came, not when one was actively…Read