Reviews from 10/2017


Book reviewed by Rob Mason on 25 October 2017

Essayist Stephen Miller pursues a lifelong interest in conversation by taking an historical and philosophical view of the subject. He chronicles the art of conversation in Western civilization from its beginnings in ancient Greece to its apex in eighteenth-century Britain.

Stephen Miller now brings the art of conversation into the light, revealing why good conversation matters and why it is in decline

 One authority writes that "Conversation is the kind of speech that happens informally, symmetrically, and for the purposes of establishing and maintaining social ties."…Read

Philosophy as a way of life

Book reviewed by Rob Mason on 9 October 2017

 By encouraging concentration on the miniscule present moment, which, in its exiguity, is always bearable and controllable, attention increases our vigilance . Finally, attention to the present moment allows us to accede to cosmic consciousness, by making us attentive to the infinite value of each instant , and causing us to accept each moment of existence from the viewpoint of the universal law of the cosmos.

Life ebbs as I write: so seize each day, and grant the next no credit;  carp diem, Horace For the Epicureans, in the last analysis, pleasure is a spiritual exercise. Not…Read