A review of Journalism by Rob Mason

Journalism. The essentials of writing and reporting by James Morrison

To whom is this book intended?  The simple answer is anyone and everyone with an interest in writing, the sense of wanting to sit down at the nearest keyboard and have a go at it themselves, to get their thoughts and observations down on paper, to blog, or to interact with others via social media.
We live in an age when more of us than ever before are effectively journalists already, not only keeping diaries or journals, compiling information on our pet likes and dislikes or exchanging banter, gossip and speculation with our friends. However it’s challenging to learn the way traditional forms of journalism, explored in this book are put together, as news stories and featured articles.

On page twenty seven under the heading: News in a Nutshell: The Art of the twenty-five-Word ‘Intro’ there are some useful details about writing a short news story. It begins: “When writing a news article, then, it is important to outline the essence of the story as swiftly as possible. This is especially the case in relation to so-called ‘hard’ news: stories focusing on serious, dramatic and/or controversial subject matter such as crimes, political events or gritty social issues. The urgency of getting across the ‘five W’s in a no-nonsense, succinct way that captures and holds the reader’s attention has for many years seen reporters in the English-speaking world inculcated in the importance of summing up their stories in twenty –five words or fewer.”
(The ‘five W’s are: Who, What, Where, When, and Why)
Who is James Morrison?
James, is a freelance journalist and writer and also a senior lecturer in journalism at Kingston University, London, a post he has held since 2007.