Not Here to be Loved

A review of Not Here to be Loved by Rob Mason

“Not here to be loved” is a carefully crafted art film that is intrinsically linked to the music of the Tango. It involves a younger woman Francoise (Anne Consigny) who is attracted to an older man, Jean-Claude (Patrick Chesnais)

Francoise is preparing to get married to a writer: Thierry (Lionel Abelanski) and is attending Tango classes for her wedding party, coincidently she meets Jean-Claude whom she knows from the past and who is at the dance studio to benefit from the physical activity involved in dancing.
During the class and despite the age difference, a friendship develops between them. Jean Claude is more temperamentally suited to Francoise than the husband to-be, Thierry.  This poses a dilemma for Francoise, should she continue the relationship with Thierry and marry him, or continue the new relationship with Jean-Claude?

Meanwhile Jean-Claude appears uncertain of what to do but due to changing circumstances in his own life  he becomes more decisive, and in the last scene Francoise and Jean-Claude jubilantly come together in the dance studio.

The film was directed by Stephane Brize

The film features: Anna Consigny as Francoise "Fanfan" Rubion and Patrick Chesnais as Jean-Claude Delsart who both produce excellent performances in their respective roles. 

Film Running Time 90 minutes