The First Scientist

A review of First Scientist by Rob Mason

Carlo Rovelli uses the work of Anaximander to tell us what science is, and where it comes from.
He goes on to explain that : ”the reliability of science is not based on the fact that its answers are certain. It is based on the fact that its answers are the best available ones. They are the best available ones because science is a way of thinking in which nothing is considered certain and therefore remains open to adopt better answers. If better ones become available.  In other words, science is the discovery that the secret of knowledge is being opened to learning, not believing that we have already tapped into ultimate truth.
What we have learned is that if observation and reason are our best tools toward knowledge, neither guarantees certainty. There are no “pure” facts, observations, or empirical data upon which to found theoretical constructions, because our perceptions are heavily structured by our brains habits of thought, prejudices and theories. Nor is there a purely rational procedure of thinking that can grant certainty, because we are never truly able reset to zero the tangle of our assumptions.”