The Mystery of Happiness

A review of The Mystery of Happiness by Rob Mason

The Mystery of Happiness a new film by Argentine film director Daniel Burman that attempts to elucidate that enjoyable and mysterious feeling called happiness. The film features Inés Estévez: Argentine glamour star of the ‘90s, who makes a big-screen comeback playing a lead role in the film and Guillermo Francella an Argentine actor and comedian.
In the movie, Santiago (Guillermo Francella) and Eugene (Fabián Arenillas) are portrayed as long-time business partners who operate an electronics store. Their interrelationship underlies the whole story in many ways; Eugene is portrayed as the stronger of the two characters while Santiago is portrayed as his admiring buddy. They enjoy doing things together even after work to the extent that Eugene’s wife, Laura (Ines Estévez) becomes jealous of the time that Eugene spends with the unmarried Santiago.  
All is well however until one day, Eugene disappears without leaving any trace. Santiago and Laura (Ines Estévez), Eugenio’s wife, go to Brazil to gather the evidence that might explain his disappearance although Laura displays more ambivalence about doing this than Santiago.
The film is not explicit in the way that most films are but it does provide the audience with clues of why Eugene has gone away and also the developing new romantic relationship between Laura and Santiago.
The film was made on location in Argentina and Brazil and features beautiful scenery, wonderful Latin American music and great performances from the cast.