The Reader

A review of The Reader by Rob Mason

The Reader is a film about lost love and human emotions and although it has a somewhat melancholy feel about it, there is a certain poignancy that evokes subjective feelings. The story is presented in three parts, the first part (circa 1955)t tells of the sexual relationship of a teenager, Michael (David Kross) and a 30 year old woman Hanna (Kate Winslet). The second part of the story is portrayed 8 years later and introduces Ralph Fiennes as Michael.  The story involves Hanna going on trial for a crime committed whilst working as a security guard for Hitler's SS. During the trial an older Michael sees Hanna again.  However he does not make contact with her or help her in any way. It turns out that she cannot read or write. Twenty years later after the end of a prison sentance resulting from her conviction at the trial Hanna contacts Michael seeking help.

Although the film raises questions on whether participants in Hitler's war are guilty of their actions or whether they are simply carrying out orders, this is not meaningful in terms of the overall story.  It is more about how the characters involved respond in these different situations, even a sense of being drawn in, how would I act, what would I do?

 In summing up one can say that this is an enjoyable movie because of the convincing acting and the involvement one feels when watching it. 

The film was based on the novel by BERNHARD SCHLINK, and directed by: Stephen Daldry