Reasons Why You Should Study Philosophy

Reasons why you should study Philosophy

Many people have always misunderstood philosophy. People sometimes mistake it for a method of preaching to others, but it is much more. Philosophy is a part of everyone’s life in some form, and it helps in solving life’s issues. Here are a few reasons why you might consider pursuing a degree in philosophy.

You will begin to ask questions.

When you begin to learn, you begin to ask questions. As a result, philosophy can be considered as a means of opening your mind and allowing you to question what is present and happening around you. When you study philosophy, you’ll find yourself asking questions like what, why, how, and when about everything you encounter.


Philosophy is connected with every discipline.

Since philosophy is an interdisciplinary study, you can learn something from every subject. Every subject you come across will provide you with a piece of information. It can range from technical areas like math and science to theory-based disciplines like history and literature. Rather than restricting you to a narrow space, philosophy allows you to explore more.

Study anywhere

If you’re undecided about studying in college, this might be the best option for you. Because philosophy is taught throughout the world, you can go wherever you want and study at any university.

The evolvement of thinking

Indeed, philosophy will alter your way of thinking. You will learn how thinking has changed and progressed from ancient times to the present while studying philosophy. You’ll explore notable names like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, as well as their philosophies, which are still important today. Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave,” one of his most famous theories, is still important today since it explains that one should always observe with one’s own eyes before interpreting anything.

Develop critical thinking

Develop critical thinking

One of the essential aspects of philosophy is that it helps develop critical thinking and reasoning skills. It allows you to look at problems from a different outlook and come up with answers. However, there isn’t just one answer to philosophy but many, and it all relies on your perspective and way of thinking.

Improved speaking skills

Studying philosophy will also help you improve your public speaking skills. If you believe you are not a good speaker and are unfit to compete in debates, philosophy may help you change your mind. When you begin studying philosophy, you will notice that you will also be developing your debate skills in addition to expanding your knowledge. You’ll find yourself presenting your point of view to others to establish a different viewpoint on the subject.

Learn something

Learn something new every day

Philosophy, like the days, is a subject that changes over time. Every day, you will perceive a new perspective on things. Because ideas change over time, so does perception. With time, you will grow more sensible and will not be restricted. You will learn more and more each day as time goes on.


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