Things To Keep In Mind While Traveling To New Zealand During Covid

Things to keep in mind while traveling to New Zealand during Covid

We must remember how New Zealand handled and managed the entire pandemic scenario. It was the first country to declare a covid-free nation and implement a lockdown as soon as a single case of covid came into light recently. If you intend to travel to the safest country in the world, New Zealand, during this challenging time, there are a few things you should bear in mind before entering the country.

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Who can travel to New Zealand?

If you are a New Zealand citizen or a New Zealand resident with appropriate travel conditions, you can legally travel to the country.

Travelling from Fiji, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Papua New Guinea has been put on hold for some time due to their status as a “very high risk” country.

Only citizens, spouses, children, or parents of NZ citizens of the listed countries can travel to New Zealand.

You can only go to New Zealand if you have a reasonable cause for doing so, which Immigration New Zealand must approve.

If you’re coming from a country that is quarantine-free, you’re free to travel to NZ.

Requirements before entering NZ

Even if you have taken the vaccine, you must have a Covid negative certificate no more than 72 hours old from the scheduled departure time.

Make sure you book a spot in a managed isolation facility. After you’ve secured a spot, you’ll receive a voucher. You will not be allowed to board the airline if you do not have this voucher.


Who is exempted ?

For children aged 2 or below, test is not required.

Travelers from Antarctica, Norfolk Island, and most Pacific Islands are free from taking the test.

People who are unable to take the test because of certain medical reasons are exempted.

Cruise ships are prohibited from entering New Zealand; however, cargo ships, fishing vessels unloading catch, and ships arriving from Antarctica are permitted.

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What should you do after entering the country?

Make sure you follow the protocols to help keep the country safe by preventing the spread of Covid-19.

You will be required to complete 14-day quarantine in a managed isolation facility shortly after arriving in New Zealand.

Keep the voucher you received earlier safe since you may need it now to stay in a Managed Isolation Allocation System for quarantine.

If you miss out on managed isolation, you can reserve a place on emergency allocation. This is for passengers who must travel within 14 days after making their reservation. Because emergency allocation has a limited number of seats, make sure you complete it as soon as possible. It is, however, preferable to book a managed isolation in advance and reserve your spot at the earliest.

Travelers from countries that are declared quarantine-free are free from staying in quarantine.

Most importantly, do not go out during the quarantine period to ensure the safety of those around you.


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